Luum Megapixel

Brand: Luum Textiles

Pattern: Megapixel

No. of Colorways: 12

Width: 54"

Designer: Suzanne Tick

Content: 98.4% Sunbrella® Acrylic + 1.6% Sunbrella® Polyester

Repeat: Horizontal 0.25", Vertical 3", Random Match

Finish: Acrylic Backing, Stain Repellent

Application: Indoor/Outdoor Upholstery

Abrasion: ASTM D4157 Wyzenbeek 80,000 double rubs

Lightfastness: AATCC 16, Grade 4 at 2000 Hours

Cleaning:  WS, Clean with either a water-based or solvent-based cleaning agent.Bleach Cleanable: 20% (4:1 Ratio), wipe with water after solution.